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Willie Shakespeare

First, meet Will Shakespeare, Deirdre's highly literate Norwich terrier (b. 12/2005) »

Emmanuel Garessus writes a colleague's account of Deirdre (Le Tempes, 11 February 2012), the focus of which is "squarely related to her unique professional story" and calls it: "Former 'Chicago Boy' Deirdre McCloskey, Transgender Economist Extraordinaire"

"Deirdre McCloskey, an acclaimed professor and former University of Chicago protégé of Milton Friedman, stunned the academic world with a sex change in 1995. But that's just one interesting part of a woman now focused on a more 'human' approach to economics.

"The tall, elegant lady with the dark, slightly veiled voice will be 70 next September. She is a scientist by training, as well as an expert in mathematics, economics and theology. She has rubbed shoulders with an impressive number of Nobel laureates, and also happens to be a prolific essayist."


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